How To Diet While Living Life

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar… You’ve embarked a fat loss phase with a brand new diet to drop a few pounds. All week you’re good, the scale goes down and you feel great. Hell, you even look and feel a bit tighter around the ol’waist-line! Then it inevitably happens… An event pop ups. You freak out, you’re not sure if you even want to go but you do and you think ‘oh well’ and binge back all your hard work! Well, if that long winded scenario sounds all too familiar here’s what to do.

First, lets just accept good food will be involved, even a few drinks. To mentally prepare for it is probably a massive key to succeeding on a diet. Secondly, there are a few practical systems we can put in place to make sure you’re good.

1) Keep protein high, fat moderate and carbs low until your meal or night out. 

This one is a tried and tested method. By ingesting protein throughout the day, shakes, egg whites, lean meats, you’ll keep your calories low and hit a large portion of your daily needs way before your night out. Fats are important and the goal of the day isn’t to keep fat low but rather ‘save’ it. At 9 calories per gram, keeping them at a moderate level during the day will also save your calories. Lastly, going low carb until your big meal will again save calories too, plus you’ll probably feel even more satisfied having a huge-ass high carb/fat meal.

I recently put this to test myself. My lovely lady and I decided to go see ‘Knives Out’, Rian Johnson aside it was great. Anyway, we love salty popcorn but as we all know, water retention usually occurs after digesting salt. Anyway, the next morning I dropped from 77kg-ish to 76.2kg!

2) Order a dish that would still feel like a meal you can knock together

Obviously, good restaurant food will always feel and taste better but if you really want to be on it order a dish that is close to something you could potentially track.

3) Avoid heavy sauces

This one is self explanatory, avoid thick sauces that are rife will calories.

4) Be mindful or go small with dessert

Being present and aware of your satiation will go a long way. Are you that hungry during a diet phase you need to order the two cinnamon pancakes with ice cream, whipped cream and honeycomb? (Looking at myself here). Probably not, or maybe you are. Really ask yourself if you need it and make an informed decision from there.

And there we have, a few options you can implement with upcoming Christmas meals and parties and the occasional night out!

As always,

Stay active,


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