Your Summer Circuit Plan

Hey folks!

Winter is co- no wait. Summer is coming. So it’s time to get our sweat on!

The routine below is designed to work the entire body and help you get in shape, providing you’re also :

  1. Keeping your diet in check. Stop eating like a child and eat your vegetables. (Hey don’t feel bad, I’m guilty too)
  2. You’re eating at least .8g protein per pound of bodyweight, or 1g per pound of lean body mass!

Think of this workout as something you can do on an off day or as a finisher! All you’ll need is a kettlebell and two dumbbells! Here’s the routine

  • KB Sumo Deadlift x10
  • Push Ups x10
  • Renegade Row x10
  • Overhead Lunge x10 (per leg)
    • As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes

As you can see, I’ve given you a clear rep range but 10 minutes to perform as many clean rounds as possible. Take as much rest needed but to progress aim to do more in less time each time. Say you hit 4 rounds this week, aim for 5 next week!

Start incorporating it today along with some healthy eating habits and feel great this summer.


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