Your Guide To A Body Transformation : Part 3 Tracking Progress

Tracking Progress

Hello again and welcome back to part 3! A short piece on tracking progress as the weeks go by. If you haven’t read the past articles on calories and macros I thoroughly recommend you go read them first. I offer calculators for your own in both pieces. Once you’re up to date come back and give this a read.

So, tracking progress! More specifically weight loss progress. Tracking your calories and macros is great and will for sure lead to weight loss over time, however there are a few things a I like my clients to do to accurately track their progress, a few of which I will share with you now!

Step 1, weekly weigh-ins. Not once or twice but 3x per week. Why? The weekly average. That is, what is the average number of 3 different weigh-ins. It is important to remember that weight fluctuates from day to day for a number of reasons. Stress, sodium and gut content. So don’t be alarmed if you are weighing in daily and seeing a one to two pound spike in weight. Chances are it is just water retention. So worry not and do not use it as an excuse to binge. ‘I started now, might as well carry on!’ Instead, weigh in three times per week on an empty stomach after a number 1 & 2. Then find the average at the end of the week! This is a great way to track fat loss.

Lets say Bob has weighed in three times over 4 weeks to track his progress. It could look like this :





Weight Loss

Average Weight Loss

Week 1





Week 2






Week 3






Week 4







As you can see, Bob is doing quite well on his diet. We wanted him to lose around a pound a week and he seem’s to be doing great so far. He averages a pound fat loss per week and his total average weight loss is just over 1.1lbs a week. So, Bob is happy seeing his weight go down, motivating him to carry on with his plan and I am one happy coach.

So, what else can you do? A weekly measurement around the waist. Now, I actually get clients to take a few for me but this is a great place to start. Every Monday, after weighing in on empty and marking your weight down, grab a tap measure and place it around the belly button. Every week without fail!

Lastly, and we kind of touched on this yesterday, tracking food is a valuable skill to have in the tool-box. Knowing how to weigh and use a food scale will help you so much and to be honest, every client of mine will have to learn how to do this for dietary success. So, again. Buy a food scale, download MyFitnessPal and go from there.

As you start to collect data over the weeks you can begin to analyse the changes in body composition. Even if YOU don’t see it, the data suggests otherwise so keep going. This is a great tool to have at your hand and to be honest, I’m quite scared giving all this away! But, I want you to have success and some faith in me to help deliver the goods.

So, start tracking everything. Your food, weight and waist. Believe in the data and most importantly, yourself. Tomorrow we cover the big one, workouts. We’re in the endgame now!

Thanks for the read,


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